Lynn Setterington image for Autumn 2019

Autumn 2019

My small hand worked quilt Teatime, on loan from the collection of Audrey Walker is on display at Manchester Art Gallery as part of trading Posts, a new exhibition looking at the role of hot drinks in trade and cultural exchange.

Looking forward to getting to work on Scaffolding for Life, my latest project following a successful bid as part of  the Arts Council’s, Creative Practice award, working with the construction industry to expand  mental health awareness.

Starting soon on Unfolding Origins, a commission- based community arts initiative exploring the North Yorkshire country records office.

The quilt made with nine women at Manchester MIND is one of the 30 objects selected for an exhibition to celebrate 30 years of the organisation in Hulme. This was part of Hulme Sweet Hulme my Public Engagement Fellowship, funded by HEFCE at MMU.

I visited Japan for the first time in September and presented a paper at ICOM’s international conference  Museums as Cultural Hubs: The Future of Tradition.

The Quilters Guild had purchased one of my signature cloths, Self Portrait, a digitally embroidered quilt made up of my repeated  autograph.

Textile work exploring the haptic continues with a Manchester School of Art student project with St Vincent’s school of the blind in Liverpool.

Published: 10th November 2019


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