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Threads of Identity

My new article connected to this project will be published in early 2021 the Journal of Arts and Community as part of the second Stitching Together special edition. This project challenges stereo types surrounding embroidery practice, working with a group of 15 boys at Burnage Academy in Manchester. It is one in a series of […]

Published: 28th January 2021

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British Signature Cloths

This is a WWI fundraiser made in North Wales, now in St Fagan’s folk museum, Cardiff. Signature Cloths and quilts have been discovered in collections around Britain since I began researching into this subject in 2010. I have unearthed examples in museums ranging from Beamish in County Durham, the Quilters Guild in York, the Moravian […]

Published: 17th April 2017

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Nebraska Schools

The shared cloth made from the sewn names of children at Culler Middle School, Lincoln, Nebraska is complete. ┬áIt evolved into a “distance” and “close” collaboration following my visits to Nebraska their last year. With help from staff and volunteers at the IQSC, we worked with three local middle schools. The schools are home to […]

Published: 11th November 2015

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US Exhibition

“Signature Cloths” at the IQSC in Lincoln, Nebraska opened in September. It showcases several of my recent collaborative signature quilts alongside a selection from the Nebraska collection.

Published: 4th May 2015

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A busy year with three major conference presentations in Delhi, Liverpool and Virginia. The last was “From Bengal to Baltimore” a quilt conference in Williamsburg, Virginia.
My article on the signature quilts research appeared in the May/June issue of Selvedge Magazine.

Published: 17th March 2013

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Sreepur Village

This is a signature project with Sreepur Village in Bangladesh and trustee Ruby Porter. The finished cloth is backed with a simple modern kantha also from Bangladesh and joined with lace old and new.

Published: 10th February 2013

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Who Cares 2

A collaboration with artisans in Ahmedabad, following the signature theme. Lynn asked makers to sign and stitch their names onto a cloth. The signatures are arranged to read Who Cares, however a spelling mistake means the lettering comes out as Woh cares?

Published: 6th April 2012

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